Terms of use

Last revised on 25/04/2024

1. Preamble

1.1 The Private Company under the name «WeAreTravelers e-service P.C.», located in Greece, with GEMI Reg. No 154395501000 owns and runs (also through its vacation providers / partners) this website (www.wearetravelers.ai), which provides to its visitors / users with online vacation related services (booking: accommodation, air tickets, ferry tickets, and transportation). 

1.2 In order to navigate and use the website as well as the services and applications (including mobile applications) available or accessible through it, you are requested to read and understand the herein Terms of Use. When you complete your booking If you disagree with these Terms of Use, please do not navigate on the website, or use the online services and applications (including mobile applications) that are available or accessible through it.

1.3 This website (www.wearetravelers.ai ) refers to adults, of age at least 18 years old. We do not intend to collect personal data of minors.  If such an action takes place, we bear no responsibility. Those with parental authority should protect minors from accessing and using websites that refer to adults and are solely responsible for this.

1.4 We reserve the right to revise the present terms and conditions, as well as to differentiate this website and its content, at any time we deem necessary, notifying you of the modified terms and content via a post on this website.  We encourage you to always check for any modification, and if you accept them, to continue navigating and using the services and applications (including mobile applications) available or accessible through this website.  Otherwise, you must refrain from navigating and using the services and applications (including mobile applications) that are available or accessible through this website.

Note: The Personal Data Privacy Policy constitutes an integral part of the Terms of Use.

2. Terms and Definitions

The following terms apply to the terms used on this website:

i) “Agreement”: The present constitutes the Agreement between the visitor / user of the website www.wearetravelers.ai (hereinafter “you” “your” and / or “visitor”/ “user”) and the Private Company under the name «WeAreTravelers e-service P.C.» (hereinafter, “WAT, “we” and / or “the company”), with details as above and / or its affiliate companies. The navigation and / or use of services and applications (including mobile applications) available or accessible through this website implies your Agreement as to the terms and conditions set out below.

ii) “Content”: means all texts, graphics, design, and programming used on the website. 

iii) “Text”: means all texts on the website, whether it is editorial, newsletter, educational, advisory, promotional or advertising.

iv) “Graphics”: means all the logos, buttons and any other graphic elements on the website.

v) “Design”: means the color combinations and the layout of the website.

vi) “Programming”: means the username (HTML, JavaScript, etc.) and server password used on the website. 

vii) “Services”: means all the online vacation related services that the company provides or allows accessibility through its website. 

viii) “Vacation Providers”: means our partners providing you of accommodation (eg. hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast, etc.), air tickets, ferry tickets, and transportation.

ix) “Visitor”: means someone who views the website, having the opportunity to simply read, listen and view its content.

x) “User”: means someone who has been registered on the website by creating a personal account and uses our online vacation related services, enjoying the full range of the website’s functionality.

xi) “Account”: means the registration of a visitor as a user on the website, by creating a personal account.  

xii) “Vacation page”: means the website’s online services selected by you related to the vacations you have chosen. 

xiii) “Newsletters”: means the registration of a visitor as a user on the website, for receiving regularly a document containing information and updates about our new services, offers, contests and activities.

3. General Terms of Use of WAT

3.1 In order to use the website and its online vacation related services, you should have Internet access and the appropriate telecommunication connections. The company is not responsible for any telephone costs, telecommunication costs or other costs that may arise.

3.2 If you wish to be notified of our new online services as well as of our offers and contests, you may subscribe to the mailing lists of Newsletters. You may exit the mailing lists of Newsletters at any time by clicking on "Unsubscribe" or by sending us an email at  dpa@wearetravelers.ai

3.3 You must always use the website and its online vacation related services in accordance with the Terms of Use, the Personal Data Privacy Policy, and the Cookies Policy.  You should not proceed with any action or omission that could cause any failure or malfunction and adversely affect or endanger WAT.

3.4 When navigating and / or using the website and its online vacation related services, you must behave decent, politely, and discreetly. Engaging in unfair competition practices or other against the Code of Conduct on the Internet (Netiquette) is expressly prohibited.

3.5 You may not use the website and its online vacation related services for any unlawful or unauthorized purpose.

3.6 The vacation related services and the applications (including mobile applications) which are available or accessible through the website are solely for personal use and selling / reselling of these services / applications to any third party or generally their financial exploitation, for any reason, without the prior express written approval of the company is prohibited.  We expressly state that web harvesting material from the website is not allowed.

3.7 Using the website’s available services / applications from your part does not prevent the company from allowing others to also use the services / applications provided or allowed by and through its website. 

3.8 It is prohibited to install and promote, in any way, unauthorized advertisement or unsolicited spam, chain letters, pyramid schemes and any other form of unwanted promotion.

3.9 You may not install, promote or / or distribute content that contains digital viruses, or any other electronic code, files or programs designed to damage or affect the operation of any software or any other service / application on the website or to prevent, or even attempt to prevent, other visitors, users and / or third parties to use the website and its services.

3.10 You are not allowed, and it is forbidden to authorize any third party:

(i) to even attempt to copy, modify, reproduce, create derivative works, framing or mirroring programs, republish, download, display, transmit or distribute all or part of the services / applications provided by or through the website, to any media and with any way; (ii) to use any robot, spider, web search or retrieval application, or any other device for copying, retrieving, archiving, or indexing any part of the website that requires authentication or is disabled; (iii) to attempt reverse compiling, disassembly, reverse engineering or otherwise to alter all or part of the services / applications provided by or through the website; (iv) to access the services / applications provided by or through the website, in order to create a product and / or service / application that competes with the services / applications provided by or through the website and / or the use of the services provided by or through the website / applications in direct competition with it; (v) to provide false information (name, email address and other information) and / or to falsify any information.  Violations of the system or of the security network may result in civil or criminal liability against you. The company will investigate incidents that may be related to such violations and may engage and cooperate with the competent authorities to prosecute individuals related to such violations.

3.11 You agree to comply with the Greek and EU intellectual property laws while accessing and / or using the website and its services.

3.12 Please note that the website provides more than one services, thus you may be requested to assess and accept additional terms required for your interaction with one or more of the services. 

3.13 The company’s obligations do not include performance of actions on your behalf. Nothing in the present Terms of Use is intended or deemed to establish any partnership or joint venture between you and the company or to designate one party as the representative of the other party, nor does it authorize one party to bind itself to another party.

3.14 From time to time, the company may add, modify, suspend or discontinue (temporarily or permanently) the provision of any of its services, and even suspend or discontinue (temporarily or permanently) the access to the website, without the obligation of prior notice to you.

4. Registration process on WAT and Use of Services

4.1 Your registration on WAT is not obligatory for browsing through the website. By creating a personal account though, you can store the requested personal data of yours, so you don’t have to re-entry them in every to use our online services and book your vacation. 

4.2 If you would like to be informed about our new our new services, offers, contests and activities, you have the option to subscribe to mailing lists of Newsletters. You can leave Newsletter mailing lists at any time by tapping 'Unsubscribe' or by sending us an email at dpa@wearetravelers.ai

4.3 To create a personal account on WAT and to subscribe to any service available or accessible via the website, you should previously accept the Terms of Use of the website by ticking the "I accept" box. By accepting the Terms of Use, you declare that you are an adult, of at least 18 years old, with full legal capacity. The company does not intend to collect personal data of minors. In the event of such an action, the company bears no responsibility. For this reason, the company urges all persons having custody of minors to inform them about the safe and responsible use of their Personal Data when they use the Internet.

4.4 For creating a personal account on WAT, you are requested to enter your personal data, such as your full name, your country code, and your email address. Please be aware that you are only allowed to create one personal account. Please note that you may not create a personal account on the website through unauthorized media, including, but not limited to, the use of an automated device, a script, a web crawler, a spiderbot, or a scraper program. Keep in mind that you are strictly responsible for all the actions made under your personal username and password, and your account in general.  Our suggestion is to logout after the completion of every use. 

4.5 After the completion of the registration process, the user picks his/her ideal vacation and he/she creates his/her vacation page. Next step is for the user to “preview” the checkout “items” and get per type the relevant information and cancellation policies. Following that step, the user will be prompted to input all his/her personal details required for the bookings (e.g. full name, gender, nationality, date of birth, passport data, phone number, email address, etc.) along with a small recap. The last step for booking his/her vacations, is for the user to insert the actual card details, which we forward to Stripe (our payment provider) and we just get an acknowledgment of the successful charge of the user’s card.  Then, we proceed to validate all the bookings on the user’s behalf and display success / fail messages. Upon the completion of all the above, the user receives: a) receipt from Stripe for the amount paid branded as WAT, b) a generic booking confirmation email from WAT, and c) a specific email for each type of booked item (e.g. hotel, flight, ferry). 

4.6 Once you decide to register on WAT, you simultaneously agree to: a) provide true, accurate, current and complete personal data of yours (including payment and contact details) and b) preserve and carefully update your registration data in order to always be true, accurate, current and complete. You are solely responsible for the truthiness and accuracy of the information provided by you and for anything happens with your Account. It is your responsibility to keep such information accurate and updated, and please keep your username and password secret. The company bears no responsibility for the abovementioned. However, the company reserves the right to conduct verification and security procedures in respect of all information provided by you. Should any of your registration data change, please notify us immediately at the following email address dpa@wearetravelers.ai

4.7 If the company has reason to believe that the information provided by you while registering and using any of the services provided breaches or is likely to breach any of the provision in these Terms of Use, the company, at its sole discretion, may take any action deemed appropriate including deactivate your account. Moreover, the company preserves the right to deactivate an account if a user uses IP addresses for concealing the use of any other account or stops the function of the website or its services in any way.  

4.8 You can deactivate your account at any time by sending us an email at dpa@wearetravelers.ai All information and content that has already been provided to us will be handled according to our Privacy Policy.

4.9 The company reserves the right to suspend or prohibit the use of its services to any consumer, user and/or visitor who, at its sole discretion, does not comply with these Terms of Use, including the registration of incorrect data, the maintenance of more than one (1) account or attempt to block the website in any way. If the website’s services are suspended or prohibited to a user, this user may not be registered again or use the website’s services without the prior written consent of the company.

5. Data Protection Policy

5.1 While navigating on WAT as well as when using its services, you may be requested to enter personal data of yours to activate the respective services, after you have previously given your explicit consent by completing the relevant box.

5.2 Prior to your consent, we inform you about the purpose of the processing of your personal data and the common recipients of them. Kindly note that you are entitled to request, at any time, to correct or erase the personal data that you have inserted in WAT, and / or to limit their processing and / or to object / oppose to their processing as well as to get access to them and / or to request the transfer of the data you have given us to another entity or to give it to you. Furthermore, please note that you are entitled to revoke your consent to the processing of your personal data at any time by sending an email to dpa@wearetravelers.ai

5.3 The processing of your personal data is conducted in accordance with the provisions of the currently applicable Greek and Community legislation, including the provisions of Law 4624/2019, the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection 2016/679/EU (GDPR), the Directive 2016/680/EU and the existing Internet Privacy Regulations. For more information about the processing of your personal data please read our Personal Data Privacy Policy.

5.4 You are solely responsible for the personal data you give to us, and you agree to keep it updated, so that it is kept true, accurate, valid, and complete. The company has no control over the personal data you have given us and, therefore, is not responsible for the validity and accuracy of your personal data.  

5.5 The company, as a Data Controller, may process the personal data you store on its website if:

  • it has received your prior explicit consent for the specific purpose of processing;

  • the processing is absolutely necessary to safeguard your vital interest or the vital interest of another individual;

  •  the processing is strictly necessary to serve an essential public interest;

  • the processing is absolutely necessary for the foundation, exercise or support of legal claims;

  • the processing is absolutely necessary for the prevention, investigation, verification, certification or prosecution of criminal offenses or the execution of criminal penalties, or

  • the processing is absolutely necessary for national security purposes.

5.6 The company does not transmit, disclose, make public and / or make available to third parties the personal data that you enter on its website without your prior consent, subject to what is defined herein and in our Personal Data Privacy Policy.

5.7 While navigating on WAT, technical data is automatically collected on our servers. The data collected by automated methods can be, indicatively and not restrictively, the type of web browser, IP addresses, navigation programs, operating system, data from cookies, your ISP, language, time zone and your location via GPS technology (or similar).

5.8 We may collect data, even when you visit or use third-party websites, services and applications that use our services or interact in any way with our website, services and applications.

5.9 The company may designate third party service providers for the processing of data (Data Processors), as well as for the management and operation of certain functions of the website. The data collected by you is stored in secure cloud systems of Amazon Web Services, applying all the necessary technical and organizational measures to meet the requirements of the GDPR. However, the transmission of information over the Internet may not be completely secure or error-free, and your data may be exposed to malicious third-party actions.

5.10 In the event of a total or partial change in the ownership of the company, indicatively and not restrictively, by the sale, absorption, merger, consolidation, change of management or acquisition of the tangible and / or intangible assets of the company to a third party / to third parties (individual/s or legal entity/ties), as well as in the event of reorganization or liquidation of the company, we reserve the right to disclose, transmit, transfer, sell, assign or accord your data in whole or in part, after we have previously notified you and have obtained your explicit consent to this when necessary.

6. Cookies

6.1 The company may collect data by using various technologies, such as cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored in the browser of your device when you browse our website. We use cookies to personalize content and ads and make your browsing experience more efficient. 

6.2 During your browsing on WA, you will be requested to consent to the storage of different types of cookies and the processing of your data received through them. In any case, you can program your browser in such a way, so that you are informed about the use of cookies and set the privacy protection you wish by choosing between maximum protection ("Customize") and minimum protection ("Allow all"). These privacy settings are presented clearly and comprehensibly in our Cookies Policy.

7. Liability Policy

7.1 Entering into this website, implies that you agree that its navigation and use is at your own risk and that none of the parties involved in the creation, production or publication of this website has any responsibility whatsoever.  Indicatively, but not limited to, the company bears no responsibility for errors and inaccuracies of the website and its services / applications, for interruption, cessation, poor download quality of the services / applications of the website, any error deriving from an act or omission on the content of the website, or for any damage, pecuniary or moral, direct or indirect, incidental or consequential, caused due to accessing, using or navigating on this website or due to downloading any material, text, data, images, video or audio files from this website, including, but not limited to, any virus, Trojan horses, bug, human act or omission to act, any computer system, telephone line, hardware, software or program malfunction or any other error, omission or delay in transmission from the computer or from the network connection.

7.2 The company is not responsible for any telephone, telecommunication or other costs that may arise. The company relies on other service providers (such as network providers, data centers, telecommunications providers) to provide you with the website and its services / applications. Although the company takes all possible measures to provide you with a good level of services / applications, it does not guarantee that such services / applications will not contain errors or that their operation will be uninterrupted. Therefore, the company is not responsible in any case for damages that you may suffer as a result of delays or errors of the website and its services / applications due to the service providers it uses.

7.3 Considering the nature and size of the Internet, the company, without being able to guarantee and therefore without being responsible, makes every possible effort to ensure that the information and all content of the website are governed by maximum accuracy, clarity, proximity, completeness, and availability. In no event, including of negligence, will the company be liable for any damage (direct, indirect, accidental, incidental, consequential) that may be caused to you by or because of navigating and using the website and the services / applications that are available or accessible through it.

7.4 The company does not guarantee that the website and services / applications (including mobile applications) available or accessible through it or any other related website or their servers do not contain viruses or other malicious data. The company does not guarantee in any case the correctness, completeness or availability of the contents, pages, services, options or their results. The cost of any corrections or services / applications, which may arise from viruses or other malicious data, are borne by you and in no case by the company.

7.5 You are solely responsible for your conduct and indicatively but not limited to, for any data, texts, files, information, usernames, passwords, images, graphics, pictures, photos, profiles, audio and video clips, sounds, musicals, plays with copy rights, applications, links and any other content or material you submit, upload or post on or through the website. The content you submit, post, or display on or through the website is considered as non-confidential and free of any kind of right. Therefore, and in case you do not delete / discard it from the website, the company has the right to use, copy, reproduce, display, distribute, publish and / or transmit, in whole or in part, in any way, through its website, unless you expressly oppose it by sending us an email to dpa@wearetravelers.ai

7.6 The company has no responsibility whatsoever for the content you submit, post or upload on or through the website. You agree that you have the full and sole responsibility to fully compensate the company for any legal dispute that may arise with third parties due to the content you have uploaded, posted, or displayed on or through the website.

7.7 You acknowledge and agree that all your personal and non-personal details may be collected, correlated, and used by third parties and this may result to “unprovoked” sending of messages from third parties. Such actions are not controlled by the company, which, although it has taken the maximum possible measures, cannot guarantee absolute protection against the risks on the internet.

7.8 You explicitly acknowledge that the company is not responsible for any websites, Internet services or third-party features. Your interaction in any way with other websites and Internet services is at your sole and absolute discretion and is at your own responsibility and under no circumstances is it a responsibility of the company.

7.9 You are solely responsible for the data and details you post on WAT, the veracity, accuracy and validity of which you personally guarantee, acknowledging that we have no responsibility for the data and details you post on the website.

7.10 When you book your vacation (e.g. accommodation, air tickets, ferry tickets, and transportation) through our website, we provide and we are responsible for it as well as for its functions, but not for your vacation experience. We cooperate with Vacation Providers that have their own websites, their own policies and they are the sole responsible for your vacation experience. 

7.11 WAT is not a recommendation or endorsement of any of the Vacation Providers or their services. We provide the website on which Vacation Providers can promote their services, and you can search for, compare, and book your vacation. We clarify that we are not a party to the terms between you and the Vacation Providers. The Vacation Providers are solely responsible for your vacation experience. For more information, please check Vacation Providers’ Policies. 

7.12 WAT offers you a personalized experience based on how you use our website (including what you tell us), so you can book your ideal vacation with us. Once you have booked your vacation, we confirm the details of your booking to both you and the Vacation Provider. 

7.13 We get all the information we display you directly from the Vacation Providers, and therefore we can not guarantee that everything is accurate, or that there are no errors, interruptions, or missing bits of information. If any of the Vacation Providers do not provide the services as described on the Vacation page, they are solely responsible. However, we take reasonable care and act with professional diligence, and are committed to doing everything possible to resolve any issues that may arise. 

7.14 When you book your vacation, you accept the applicable Policies as displayed in the booking process. You will find each Vacation Provider’s Cancellation Policy, and any other Policy (e.g. Liability Policy, Payment Policy, about security / damage deposits, age requirements, additional supplements for breakfast facilities, extra beds, pets, cards accepted, etc.) on our website. Please check them well before you proceed with your vacation booking. 

7.15 If you wish to make any changes to your selected vacations, or you wish to make any complaints or to dispute incorrect information or charges regarding your vacations, you should directly contact the Vacation Provider. We may assist you, by bringing you in contact with the Vacation Provider. We clarify that our assistance doesn’t mean that we are taking responsibility for your vacation experience or anything the Vacation Provider does or does not.

7.16 When you book your vacation, you agree to pay the relevant cost, including any charges and taxes that may apply. If your payment method is denominated in a currency that is different to the payment currency, the bank or the payment method provider may charge you with additional fees. WAT is not responsible for the security of money transactions. The competent Bank is only responsible for the security of the transactions made through the card that has been used by you.

7.17 Each Vacation Provider follows a different Payment Policy. For example, there are Vacation Providers that will require an upfront payment, which it may be non-refundable, while others prefer to pay them during the vacation. Therefore, before you book your vacation, please check the Vacation Provider’s Payment, Damage and Cancellation Policy. 

7.18 To the extent permitted by law, the most that WAT (or any Vacation Provider) will be liable for is your reasonably foreseeable positive losses or damages in connection to your vacation booking. You may be protected by mandatory consumer protection laws and regulations, which guarantee your rights that no company’s terms can overrule. If there is any inconsistency between those laws and regulations and these Terms, such mandatory consumer protection laws and regulations will override. 

8. Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights  

8.1 The entire content of the website, including, but not limited to, texts, names, trademarks, services, trade names, logos, patents, domain names, software codes, software (including applets and scripts), translation of software, graphics, imaging, photographs, pictures, video or audio files, interactive applications, the whole design, text and graphics of the website and generally any kind of files, which constitute the intellectual and industrial property of the company, is governed by domestic, Community and international Intellectual and Industrial Property provisions, with the exception of explicitly acknowledged third party rights. The company expressly states that it fully respects the creators’ intellectual property rights and has no intention of infringing on or exploiting them illegally. For this reason, the company undertakes that in case, for example, the intellectual creator (photographer) of a photo displayed on WAT, feels that he/she has been offended by the display of such photo on our website, the company will immediately delete / withdraw that photo from WAT. Subsequently, taking into consideration the above, reproduction, retransmission, republication, screen shots, copying, storage, sale, rental, transfer, assignment, concession (with or without quid pro quo), commercial exploitation, transmission, distribution, issue, execution, download, translation, modification in any way or manner, in part or in summary form, without the prior express consent of the company is expressly prohibited.  You accept that anything contained on the pages of this website constitutes a registered trademark or intellectual property of the company or of third parties (used upon authorization), and therefore unauthorized use may result in legal penalties.

8.2 The above prohibition excludes the case of individual storage of a single copy of part of the website’s content on a simple, personal computer for strictly personal - private, non-public (with or without consideration) and non-commercial use and without deletion or alteration of indication of origin and without, by doing so, infringing the intellectual and industrial property rights and exclusive exploitation of the company or of third parties.

8.3 Access to and use of the software that is related to the website (the "software") does not grant you with any right on the software. You must omit any act of copying, translating, altering, imitating, or infringing the software and its content, in any way or by any means, and in general any infringement of these rights.

8.4 The company hereby grants you a non-exclusive, personal, and freely revocable authority to use the software, which will last only for as long as it is necessary for the use of the website and its services / applications, in accordance with the Terms of Use.

8.5 Every intellectual and industrial property right, as well as every right (including goodwill and, where applicable, trademarks) on the name and distinctive title belongs to the company.

8.6 Any material that is transmitted or posted or submitted on the website, will be considered (and the company will assume it as) non-confidential and public and will not be an asset of each visitor / user of the website.

8.7 You are obliged to compensate the company from any direct and / or consequential damage that it may suffer due to violation of third-party rights and / or misuse and / or illegal use of the website.

9. Links to and from other Websites

9.1 The website and the services / applications (including mobile applications) which are available or accessible through it may contain third-party websites and third-party sources, web services or operations, features, links to websites and third-party services / applications. 

9.2 Although this website is likely to be linked to other websites, the company is not responsible for the other websites’ content and services / applications to which it refers through "links", hyperlinks or banners, nor does it guarantee the availability, content, privacy policy, the quality and completeness of their services / applications, as these third websites exclusively have civil and criminal liability for the security, legality and validity of their content.

9.3 The company disclaims any direct or indirect approval, endorsement, relationship, sponsorship, or collaboration with linked websites, unless this is expressly stated. Therefore, for any problem which is encountered during your visit / use to such a website, you ought to refer to the corresponding websites / applications that are solely responsible for the provision of their services.

9.4 The company does not control other websites nor accepts or assumes responsibility for other websites or for the content or products or services / applications of other websites (including, without limitation, Vacation Providers’ websites and services, Payment Service Providers, social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube) and acknowledges no responsibility for any losses or damages that may arise from your navigating or using such websites and its services. If you decide to access third-party websites associated with this website, you take the respective responsibility.

10. Social Media

The company actively participates also in social media, creating its own page on them (eg Facebook, Instagram, etc.). The company's participation in social media does not give rise to any claim or requirement on your part and the company is not responsible for the existence and content of these pages as well as for the privacy policy that they follow.

11. Violation of the Terms of Use 

11.1 It is forbidden to violate or attempt to violate the security of the website, its services or applications (including mobile applications) which are available or accessible through it.

11.2 If you violate the saying or the spirit of the Terms of Use, or otherwise cause risk or expose the company legally, we may, in whole or in part, deny you access to the website, the services or the applications (including mobile applications) available or accessible through it.

11.3 Any violation from your part may cause civil and / or criminal liability.  The company will investigate the events likely to be related to the violation and may cooperate with the competent authorities in case of such violations to find the offender.

11.4 You fully understand and accept that you have sole responsibility to indemnify the company and any of its associates, partners and / or affiliates of any damage to the company itself and / or its associates, partners and / or its affiliates due to the unlawful use and / or abuse of the website, its services or applications (including mobile applications) which are available or accessible through it. 

11.5 Accepting these Terms, implies that you agree to fully keep the company and its associates, partners and / or affiliates intact of any offense, claim or demand, and to be burdened with any court and legal costs that may arise due to the illegal and / or improper use of the website and / or services and applications (including mobile applications) available or accessible through it, and / or due to violation of the content of these Terms of Use and / or due to violation of third party rights when using and / or browsing on the website.

12. Applicable Law and Settlement of Disputes

12.1 Any dispute arising between you and WAT should be preceded by an amicable settlement.

12.2 Alternatively, the relevant claims may be raised within the statutory time limits.

12.3 The Greek Law is the applicable law, and the Courts of Athens have the exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any disputes that will arise between you and WAT and will not be settled at a friendly level.   

12.4 If you have a claim against WAT which, however, concerns your act or omission, content or information that you have provided to us, you declare that you will indemnify and release WAT from all liability and obligation and that you will restore any kind of damage or loss that the company itself or its associates and partners have suffered and that you will pay with interest any expenses that WAT has already made (including legal fees) relating to the claim that was wrongly raised against us.

12.5 If any provision of these Terms of Use is considered to be void or unenforceable by a competent Court, you agree that the part of this provision will be separated from the Terms of Use and will not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions which will remain in full force and effect. 

13. Contact

13.1 You may contact us for any issue and for anything you wish to ask or to complain about. Regarding your personal data, we follow high standards for its processing. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us at dpa@wearetravelers.ai either to exercise your rights (access, objection, etc.) or to request information and we will reply to you.

13.2 If you wish to make a complaint regarding the processing of your personal data, we inform you that the Competent Authority is the Personal Data Protection Authority (APDPH), which is located at 1 - 3 Kifissias Avenue, PC 115 23, Athens, https://www.dpa.gr/en, by phone: +30 210 64 75 600 and by e-mail: contact@dpa.gr